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Restore Your Toothless Smile

Discover how dental implants could give you the next best thing to a real tooth.

Has tooth loss made you embarrassed of your smile? We can only imagine; however, hiding your smile from the world because of tooth loss doesn’t have to become the norm. Our Moundsville, WV, restorative dentist, Dr. Garry Lewis, makes it easy for you to get a restoration that both looks and functions just like a real tooth so you can feel confident once more in your appearance. You’ll be amazed how much implants can boost your appearance, oral health and self-esteem at the same time.

It’s pretty fair to say that most people are looking for a replacement tooth that is as close as they can get to the real thing. We know losing a permanent tooth was something you could have never dreamed would have happened to you. Luckily, with today’s dental technology being as amazing as it is, our Moundsville dentist may not be able to put your natural tooth back in place but we can offer you the next best alternative.

Dental implants are tiny metal posts with a huge amount of benefits. Implants are designed to take over the role of tooth roots, which means that the implant will first need to be placed into the jawbone. This minor surgery performed right here in our office under local anesthesia will allow us to make a small hole in the jawbone and to place the implant inside.

What makes an implant so unique is that the metal in which it is often made (usually titanium) is biocompatible, which means that it will naturally fuse together with the jawbone over several months. Once the implant and jawbone have successfully fused together it will become one solid and long-term unit (as long as you properly care for it).

An implant will not only remain your new tooth for perhaps the rest of your life but it will also preserve and protect the health of your jawbone. As you may already know, the jawbone begins to deteriorate when you lose one or more teeth. In order to prevent significant bone loss an implant is placed. This implant will provide the stimulation the jawbone needs to stay healthy and to continue producing new bone cells (pretty neat, right?).

Are you looking to replace your missing teeth with a long-term solution like dental implants? Then what are you waiting for? Call our Moundsville, WV, dental office today to schedule your no-risk consultation.

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